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Dr. Halsema is a Family Affair…

Dr. Halsema is a Family Affair

My name is Bessie Beverly and I am one of Dr. Halsema’s oldest and most loyal patients. Not because of my age although I am 79, but because of how long I’ve been her patient. I have been a patient of Dr. Halsema for over 25 years. I have a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Halsema and implants. It is hard to find a good dentist so once I started going to Dr. Halsema and witnessed her excellent ability as a dentist, I became a walking billboard for her. Dr. Halsema stated in her newsletter that “The best… and most intelligent way to choose a dentist… is from what actual patients say about them.” I have been referring my family members and friends for 25+ years!

I’ve been with Dr. Halsema since day 1; before she had her own practice. She was practicing in Dr. Seagal’s office on 71st & Westlane. I was a patient of Dr. Seagal. When he retired, I became Dr. Halsema patient. I was so pleased with her excellent chair-side manners, gentleness, caring attitude and expert dentistry that I allowed my 4 children (Gina, Francetia, Michael and Anita) to go to her also. I kept singing her praises and finally influenced my husband Eddie to leave his dentist of 30+ years and let Dr. Halsema take care of his dental needs.

Over the years I also referred other family members such as: grand daughters, grand sons, daughter-in-law, mother-in-law, and even great grand children to Dr. Halsema. I did not stop there. At least a dozen of my friends now go to Dr. Halsema upon my recommendation- even my pastor became her patient. Our family believes in Dr. Halsema’s dental expertise so much that my daughter came back to Dr. Halsema when she returned to Indianapolis after living out of state for 14 years.

My family has a long history of major dental issues and Dr. Halsema has been able to address all of them to our satisfaction. She has performed every type of dental work imaginable on my family- from bridges to root canals to gum treatments to tooth bonding. Dr. Halsema is more than just a dentist. She is truly interested in the total well being of my family and never forgets to ask how my children and grand children are doing each visit. She also knows that all of the extensive dental work me, my husband and children have had could cause an enormous financial strain on us so she always works with us to arrange credit or affordable installment payments. Therefore my family and I have not to suffer or be denied necessary dental work.

I am very proud of how Dr. Halsema has grown her practice over the last 25+ years. I enjoy going to her beautifully decorated high tech office in Carmel. I am still happy being a patient of Dr. Halsema and after 25 years still look forward to seeing her warm sincere smiling face from the dental chair.

Bessie Beverly

Feng Zheng
Feng Zheng
13:05 07 Jun 18
I then my wife have been coming here to do all of our teeth treatments. It has been great experience for our every visit. The staff and doctor here are kind and considerate. Highly recommended.
Melissa Resler
Melissa Resler
20:53 30 Jan 18
I truly had such a wonderful experience for my first visit. I was very anxious/nervous, but Dr. Halsema explained and talked me through everything she did. From start to finish her team was kind, courteous, and understanding. I would recommend her and her team to my closest friends and family (along with anyone else I can)!
Jason McDaniel
Jason McDaniel
13:24 09 Aug 17
Dr. Halsema and her staff are amazing. I had to have multiple cavities filled. I decided to get them all done at the same time. I was there for 3 hours. I can honestly say, they cared about my whole well being and not just about getting the cavities filled and out the door. They truly care about you as a person and not just as a revenue stream.
Melissa Kramer
Melissa Kramer
18:16 07 Aug 17
You know, no one loves having cavities filled. But Dr. Halsema and her team really do care about the patients' comfort. Professionals with heart!
Russell Walker
Russell Walker
23:33 12 Jul 17
Friendly staff. A caring dentist, that provides excellent oral health. I would definitely recommend this office
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