Services and Technology

The latest technology delivered by caring hands
Dr. Halsema has invested in a wide array of leading-edge dental technologies to help keep your smile healthy and attractive for life. They include:

  • Digital Radiography – For clear, accurate X-rays with up to 50% less radiation.
  • Intraoral Camera – Gives you an up-close view of your teeth and gums as Dr. Halsema examines your smile.
  • Ultramodern Center – By adding the cutting-edge Hydrim cleaning process to our safety protocols, we greatly exceed OSHA standards and ensure the safest treatment possible.
  • Advanced Filtration – Our special enclosed water system eliminates biohazards to ensure your safety.
  • Shade Vision – Digitally scans your teeth then generates a “color map” that allows the dental lab to exactly match the color of your crowns, bridges, or veneers to the actual color of your teeth.
  • Piezo Ultrasonics – For extremely gently, thorough cleanings.

Giving you the smile of your dreams
The best cosmetic results begin with a simple questions: “What do you really want?” Dr. Halsema conducts a personal interview with the goal of creating a tailor-made treatment plan that is precisely right for you. She will help you discover the many options available to enhance your smile and then use her extensive training and skills to transform your “dream smile” into a beautiful reality.

You’ll also feel confident knowing that the benefits of your smile makeover go beyond just getting a great-looking smile. Dr. Halsema takes into consideration your entire mouth, including your bite. As a result, your teeth will not only look more beautiful but will function optimally, as well.

Dr. Halsema has extensive experience in cosmetic and restorative dental techniques, including:

  • Full Mouth Restoration – Used to reconstruct teeth that are damaged or in poor condition, giving you a more natural look.
  • Natural Looking Crowns and Bridges – Used to restore seriously damaged teeth. They are strong and look very natural.
  • Power Teeth Whitening – This safe, effective whitening system can conveniently give you whiter, brighter teeth in the convenience of your come.
  • Porcelain Veneers and Cosmetic Bonding – Quick, effective solutions for chipped, cracked or worn teeth.
  • Tooth-colored Fillings – Blend in with the coloring of your own natural teeth.
    Lifelike Implants – They look and feel completely natural and are an excellent way to restore your smile when you need to replace missing teeth. Implants can also help you maintain a more youthful facial appearance by helping to prevent bone loss.
  • Precision Dentures – Our full and partial dentures are custom-fit and made of the finest materials at the best local labs. When possibly, we anchor them to dental implants to help prevent even a small amount of slippage.
  • Nonsurgical Gum Care – This can include gentle piezo ultrasonic teeth cleaning, deep scaling and the latest antibiotic therapies.