When I first met Dr. Halsema and her staff…

When I first met Dr Halsema and her staff I was several months pregnant and in desperate need of some work done on my teeth. I would just like to say I HATE going to the dentist! Everyone who works there always have perfect gleaming white teeth. I find myself thinking maybe I should have went into dentistry and I too could have perfect gleaming white teeth. I remember during one of my visits one of the staff members confessed to me that they also had a crown…. not one on her head…. actually one in her mouth…. and I thought you…have a cavity…. I don’t believe it!

Anyway, I am never able to go for “just a cleaning.” I always have to go back for a filling. I always feel embarrassed that I don’t take better care of my teeth and ashamed of what work needs to be done. All of my experiences in the past have been with condescending dentist that seem appalled at the state I have let my teeth get into. I had to get a filling between some of my front teeth and was told by a dentist from my past (not Dr Halsema) “We have to use the white filling for people like you.” I was mortified and that was one of several belittling comments that I had endured over the years from my former dentists.

Well, I thank my lucky stars that I found Dr Halsema and her staff. Yes, I needed a lot of work, but they got me through it with those gleaming white smiles and encouragement to come back again. I have recommended several people to Dr Halsema and all have thanked me afterwards.

Thank you for care,

Andrea Ratcliff