I am writing to let you know why Dr. Halsema…

I am writing to let you know why Dr. Halsema and her office staff are the best choice for your dental care. After many years of going to a “behind the times” family friend dentist, I decided to go to Dr. Halsema. I knew that things going on in my mouth were not good and was a little scared. I had just had my second child and many of my teeth were sensitive to cold temperatures and one in particular, in the front of my mouth, was turning dark. Dr. Halsema replaced old fillings and helped me with receding gums. She also recommended a porcelain veneer on my front tooth to match the other one. I was very nervous and afraid it would look fake. My straight, white teeth were the one attribute that I always felt confident about. Thanks to her skills and confidence in the company that made the veneer, my front tooth looks great. It has been about 10 years since that procedure and I am still very happy!

I have always felt confident that Dr. Halsema is a great dentist. The people who work in her office are friendly and know their patients by name. My husband and children are now patients there as well. Sitting in the dentist chair with Dr. Halsema at your side is like having your Mom, sister, or friend as your dentist. She is not intimidating and treats you with care and respect. She talks about things going on in your life and honestly remembers who you are.

She also values your time as well which is very important to me. There is nothing worse than doctors who run extremely late and don’t think it matters. I also know that Dr. Halsema has the latest dental knowledge. She keeps up to date with technology and equipment. The way she administers Novocain is very important to me and unlike any other painful way I have had it in the past. Most importantly, she cares about the health and look of your mouth. I honestly feel that Dr. Halsema has my best interest in mind and never suggests anything unnecessary.

Carmel West Dentistry is the best choice for you and your family!

Angela M.