Dear Nancy and Staff…

Dear Nancy and Staff,

We were referred to your office by a co-worker in 1994, and you took care of our dental needs for over 12 years. We loved your wonderful caring, friendly staff and the personal attention we received during our office visits.

One thing I will always remember was that she had a beautiful Swan poster in one of the patient rooms and I told her that if she ever wanted to get rid of it, that I would like to have it. She saved it for me when she moved into her new office. I also remember, talking about Chili to the receptionist and when I was on my way out, she handed me her Chili recipe.

Although, we live out of state and have established a relationship, with another dental practice. We will never forget our friends at Dr. Nancy’s office and we are happy to give this testimonial and recommend to others that Dr. Nancy and her staff are the Best.


Don and Donna Neal