Several years ago I had a friend here…

Several years ago I had a friend here in Indianapolis who is legally blind. She signed up for a free dental care program and was fortunate enough to be sent to Dr. Halsema. My friend had one or two dental problems which were taken care of but “Dr. Nancy” wasn’t content with doing just what was necessary. She proceeded with a complete check up and followed through with total care, cleaning, etc.

My friend liked her so much she made her a quilt and said “I almost wish I had more wrong with my teeth so that I could keep going to see her.”

Finally the inevitable happened and I had to have some dental work done, so I became Dr. Halsema’s patient. Her office was still in her home then and much closer to where I live, but I felt so “cared about” and well cared for by her and her staff that I followed her to her new office. My most recent treatment involved a dental implant which I tend to forget about because it feels so much like a real tooth. When I had to have a slight adjustment to a filling that just didn’t feel right she worked with it until it was perfect at no extra charge.

I hope she can continue to help me when I must have dental work done (you know how it is!)


Jane C.