I suppose it remiss of me to delay…

I suppose it remiss of me to delay so long in taking a moment to write thanking you for your dedication to my health during a, now somewhat, recent visit. In that visit, which was scheduled for an hour, yet turned into three, I imagine most folks would have found themselves very upset and quite off put. However, I found myself easily adjusting and hunkering down to allow the remaining work to be completed. I must identify, at this point, that the additional time “in the chair” was certainly not the fault of inefficiency but the discovery of an additional problem that had been hiding, avoiding detection.

Your new facility, technology, decor (love the Hawaiian/Tropical theme) and background music along with in-chair accommodations such as earphones and massaging heat pad, contribute greatly toward a relaxed visit, regardless of the duration.

And, I must add, your kindness in not charging for the extended time was an additional comfort all in its own.

Thank you so much for your and your staff’s kind and thorough care over the years.

Yours Truly,