I have been a patient of Dr. Halsema since 1997…

I have been a patient of Dr. Halsema since 1997. My medical doctor, Stephen Beck, referred me to Dr. Halsema when I first moved to Indianapolis. I am a big fan of informative recommendations from others. It is very important to me to be treated by qualified medical professionals who I can trust with my health care.

As a young child, I was traumatized by visits to the dentist. My parents thought we should go to a certain dentist as he was an acquaintance of the family. When I needed my first filling, I was not numbed in any way. The pain was excruciating. After a few more visits and one or two more fillings and experiencing the pain, I told my parents I was terrified and could never go back to the dentist. This was a very bad experience for me.

During the following years through adolescence and into early adulthood, I dreaded going to the dentist. I would literally get sick to my stomach and my entire body would cramp up.

The best experience of my life with dentistry has been with Dr. Halsema. She and her team are very gentle, they make sure from the beginning of any treatment that pain is not an issue, they are very thorough and very good at explaining what has to be done and what they are doing. Furthermore, they are very accommodating with appointment days and times.

Dr. Halsema is out of network for me and my insurance does not cover much of the services provided. I pay a lot of money out of pocket for piece of mind. I am grateful for her service.


Karen S. Henderson