A friend recommended Dr. Nancy Halsema…

A friend recommended Dr. Nancy Halsema to me and I’m certainly glad she did. Dr. Halsema and her entire team have provided me with excellent dental care. Not only do they concentrate on my dental needs, they care about me as a whole person. Dr. Halsema demonstrates in-depth knowledge of dentistry and obviously keeps current in her field. Her equipment is state of the art, and she is very gentle when performing dental procedures. She and her assistants continually let me know what they are doing and why they are doing it. They all know what to say to put me at ease! Dr. Halsema is forward thinking and will make sound recommendations for my dental health. The clean and inviting office offers amenities that are not seen in other dentist’s offices. The entire Halsema team knows how to make every client feel special.

Unexpectedly, prior to a visit to Dr. Halsema’s office, it had become necessary to care for my 2-year old granddaughter. I called the office to explain that I would have to cancel my appointment. The office staff checked with Dr. Halsema and assured me that my granddaughter would be welcome to come visit, too. They provided her with a blanket to rest upon while watching a children’s video. They gave her “surprises” for being such a good, little girl. She was made to feel like a princess! She wants to go back to see Dr. Halsema again!

I highly recommend Dr. Nancy Halsema for your dental care.

Pam Hallock