I have been a patient of Nancy Halsema…

I have been a patient of Nancy Halsema for many years. She has always been very thorough in handling my dental problems. She has done an excellent job of tending to my teeth. This has been a challenge since I did not have good dental care when I was growing up and came to her with anything but a set of pretty and straight teeth. She has cared for me in the normal cleanings, x-rays, and a couple of crowns etc.

Also she has recognized the problem I have with gum disease and recommended treatment by another professional skilled in this area. For quite a few years I have seen Dr. Halsema each six months and also seen a specialist for gum disease alternate six months.

Dr. Halsema keeps up with new developments such as screening for cancer of the mouth and is also interested in her patients’ general health.

I am very satisfied with my relationship with Dr. Halsema

Phyllis Love