Let’s face it all dentists are qualified…

Let’s face it all dentists are qualified through their rigorous training and schooling. That however, does not make them a good dentist. A good dentist takes care of the patient like a friend with care and compassion. They address the current needs, while looking for potential issues down the road.

I travel all over the country entertaining and I work about 60-80 hours every week. I need a dentist that can be flexible and work with my schedule and finances.

I want to tell you that if you are looking for the above dentist, Dr. Nancy Halsema is the best choice. Dr. Halsema is a true professional who caters to my needs, but also treats me as an individual. She is excellent with pain management and enables me to walk out of her office with a smile.

A good dentist office starts with the dentist but should also include the staff. The Dr. Nancy Halsema staff is professional and caring like Dr. Halsema.

Giver her your smile!

Safari Steve